Keeping Track of Derby Favorites From the Road

There are websites that are already reporting on the favorites for the Run For The Roses at 2012’s Kentucky Derby.

Even When You’re Traveling You Can Still Stay On Top Of Your Betting Game

If you have a smart phone, and who doesn’t these days, you will be able to keep track of the favorites for this year’s Derby as they change and volley for contention. If your smart phone doesn’t do well on the Internet just open your laptop from any location that offers WiFi (hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.) and do a search for 2012 Kentucky Derby online favorites or the latest Derby odds.

Who Are The Favorites So Far?

Wikipedia has a wiki which lists all past winners, their odds, records set and records broken. Traditions and history are listed there as well. But who is in the lead so far? Here are the top contenders thus far: Mucho Macho Man; Currency Swap; Creative Cause; Union Rags; and Hansen. In contention for being in contention are: Master Of Hounds; Shackelford; Nehro; and Animal Kingdom.
Of course that list can change faster than it takes a winning horse to cross the finish line. On Derby day the Kentucky Derby odds change by the minute as the race gets closer, so try to keep up if you can

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