Rent A Trucking Textbook and Bone Up On The Road

But in order to discover the top books on trucking one might actually inquire with the top trucking schools? And, almost needless to say, renting textbooks is always financially smarter than purchasing textbooks; even if you eventually decide to purchase them.

Check With These Top Trucking Schools

Some of the best United States trucking schools undoubtedly know which trucking textbooks would be most beneficial for the future trucker. If possible, the decision to  rent textbooks will give a potential trucker the best information possible at the best price. Keep in mind that a CDL is required for trucking (a commercial driver’s license). The top United States trucking schools are as follows: C.R. England, Utah; C1 Truck Driver Training, Arkansas; CDL Truck School, Arizona; ATDS, Texas; Commercial Driver Services, Washington; Professional Trucking School, California; United States Truck Driving School, Colorado; Keystone Diesel, Pennsylvania; Sage Truck Driving School, Pennsylvania; and Smith and Solomon, New Jersey. If these trucking schools can’t tell you where to get/rent the best trucking textbooks, no one can.

Trucking Movies for Rent

Not only can you rent textbooks but there are many movies that you can rent, so to speak, from the public library or rent from sources such as Netflix and BlockBuster. The best of the best trucking movies are as follows (these are not necessarily educational but may be surprisingly enlightening: 1977′s The Great Smoky Roadblock; 2007’s Big Rig; 1977′s Sorcerer; 1971′s Duel (very creepy); 1981′s Road Games; 1975’s White Line Fever; 1978′s Convoy; 1940’s They Drive By Night; 1953′s Wages Of Fear; and of course 1970′s Smokey and the Bandit.

Inasmuch as the vast paragraph did not include essential textbooks that you can rent when it comes to trucking, it did include some of the best movies that truckers feel applies to them. And as stated, you can rent them from libraries and through video rental services.

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