Road Safety

Road safety, well, we always hear and read that word especially while were driving our car or motorcycle, or even crossing the road. It really continues to be one of the nation’s most serious public health issues. This rules has been applied by the government to reduce some accident that was always happening in our country. And because lots of teenagers now are being so abusive, road safety rules is still useless. Some of them are driving their car even they already drunk and that’s the common things accident came from. It really affects everyone.

That road safety goes hand in hand with sustainable development is quite obvious, thus the need to address it by making young people “agents of change,
We should always need to know how to take care of ourselves and respect others on the road. That’s why we encourage everyone to get actively involved in understanding road safety. It is important to know how much (or how little) you can drink before you drive, the speed limits on your local streets, where you can stop, revive and survive on a long journey, how to teach young children road safety skills.
So, if you’re on the streets always put your mind first that safety first. Don’t forget that life is price less.

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